de ce nu mai scrii?

mai scriu, nu mai public. timp, in principal. motivatie. nu e nimic exclus, poate ma razgandesc.

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de fiecare data cand incepi ceva

simti ca se termina

n-ai cum sa nu te gandesti ca la un moment dat

ceva o sa se rupa

o crenguta in padure cand

cu berea in mana

nu esti atent

si calci pe ea

e zgomotul ala care inseamna sfarsit

asta nu ne opreste pe niciunul de la a merge

la magazin

a lua berea aia

si a o lua hai-hui prin padurea din fata blocului


mergi pe strada si te opresti

vis-a-vis o pisica se uita la tine

in functie de culoarea ochilor

te duci intr-o parte sau in alta

sa zicem ca sunt verzi

atunci o iei la dreapta

mergi exact 200 de pasi

si te opresti

acolo urmeaza sa se intample ceva

stai si-asteapta

visul asta e destul de nasol

te-astepti la niste lucruri

si se intampla altele

visele apar ca sa fie conduse

nu sa faca tot ce vor

de-aia zic

visul asta e destul de nasol

crash and burn
crash and burn

like the most beautiful sunset
you have

ma-sa tereza

sometimes you wear black

and when in the sun

specks of dust and millions of little strings

shine on

shine on

shine on

so bright that a lesser man

would be tempted to do some foolish thing

perhaps even try and talk with you

perhaps more

when one plays videogames
there’s but five things to do
be gentle
and grab the second controller

but don’t put too much heart into it
as when you will eventually break up
the game machine wouldn’t become a burden
a station in which all your failures are revealed

John, dear old john

as long as we walk this plank
nothing can touch us
it’s the certainty of death
of seconds before
that gives us strength and passion

as long as we walk this plank
there is nothing that can go wrong
unless we let our hands wander away
unless our steps go astray

unless I leave
there is nothing that can make you cry

Dr. Conf. Ing. Bo. Mr. Mrs. 

Indeed, my feline friends, indeed it will.

Indeed, my feline friends, indeed it will.

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in a week or two
you will feel the full impact
you’ll realize you’re all alone
and that there are signs of him everywhere
every inch of the room will hurt

in a week or two after that
the pain will glow harder than radioactive uranium
you will weep and moan
and you won’t want to get out of the bed

in a week or two after that
you will walk the earth as if you’re floating
and not the good nor the bad
could be able to touch you
you will still be carrying the wreck on the shoulders

in a week or two after that
the wreck has all but been washed away by the rain and the snow
and your mind will start to blossom once again
that there
that there is the moment love finally dies

that perfect, perfect moment

The new pope

There was once a man
who loved long-winded movie intros.
He had such love for these that he
turned his life into one.
Nothing was simple for him, and
everything had to have an intricate explanation.
Even the simplest gestures. When he brought
you a lily, for instance. Or when he
kissed you under those trees once.
And yet you went with it, well actually you
went with your own instincts and sense of dread,
but that’s a story for later.
So you went with it, with him, and
your life became one of those long, long intros to
his future story.
The one that he never got to actually telling.
Patriarhia Romana

the art world enjoys a new Damien Hirst piece

the art world enjoys a new Damien Hirst piece

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I want you to see me
I walk the streets I know the game
I want you to see me

When you cry alone
I want you to see me
When you bitch and moan
I want you to see me

I love myself so much
So fucking much
That I want you to never spend a second
without seeing me

Whatever you do
Wherever you are
Behind your eyelids


I’ll be there

OUG 213/13